Visual Effects


O Voo da Águia

[The Eagles Flight]

The most modern animation and 3D technologies give to this movie made specifically to the Benfica Museum, a new and original look on the life of one of the biggest football teams of the world and its 110 years of history.


Praça dos Cidadãos

[Citizens Square]

In 2010, we celebrated Lisbon. To commemorate the century of the Republics foundation, Iniziomedia created an elaborate and majestic 3D video mapping show with the Tagus river as background. Projected onto the front of the most historical buildings of Terreiro do Paço, the “Citizens Square” lit the lisbon night with stories of the big events of the city since 1755, the year Lisbon fell apart to be raised again.


A Viagem

[The Journey]

Expo ‘98 put Portugal in the center of the globe. Iniziomedia contributed with three animation movies in 3D, one of them being “The Journey”, that were displayed in the Portugal Pavilion and seen by a million people. A portrayal of the portuguese missionaries arrival to Japan in the 16th century, a country that was until then closed to the rest of the world, “The Journey” was inspired by the japanese folding screens and the Namban art.


Ministério do Tempo

[Ministry of Time]

Extremely ambitious project with a luxury cast, “Ministry of Time” mixes science fiction with the Indiana Jones kind of adventure. The series is starred by a trio of heroes who travel through time to protect Portugal’s History.Starring Mariana Monteiro, Joana Craveiro and Sisley Dias in the main cast.