Sociedade Portuguesa

[Portuguese Society]


[Portugal’s Villages]

The year of 1938 was memorable. The end of the spanish civil war, with the rise to power by Francisco Franco, and with kept tensions that would end up with the deadly clash of World War Two, in 1939. In Portugal, however, the turmoil that was shaking Europe and the world seemed distant. Around here was released a contest to find the Most Portuguese Village of Portugal. 12 villages were competing. The  coveted Silver Rooster was conquered by Monsanto, in a contest of great impact and some rivalry. This movie takes a walk down memory lane and shows the transformations to which Portugal has been through in the last decades.


The Ancient Egypt mummies were reborn in Lisbon for a documentary that followed, step-by-step, the radiological study of three human mummies from the Archeology Museum. The most recent technology in computerized tomography, allowed to unveil some secrets that were published in the media around the world.

[Kill out of Love]

A documentary that navigates through stories - of life, of love, of drama - of men and women who couldn’t deal with separation and took jealousy to the deadly extreme.

Men and women, who killed for love, 50 years ago or in the 21st century, in a movie where the personal accounts of tragedy take us to a deeper reality: the morality and the behavior of a country that even we, sometimes, don’t know.

[National Road 2]

The National Road goes across the country, from north to south. Like a human spine, it’s the core from where the most diverse regional cultures sprout their essence, away from the overpopulated and developed coastal cities. It’s 737 kilometers of stories. From algarve’s bikers to the Brota’s potter, passing by the otter breeder, in Mora, to the couple of basket makers on the side of the road, going to VIla de Rei - the true geodesic center of the territory - to the antenna of Pampilhosa da Serra  , to stargaze closer to the sky, or heading to the ancestral beauty of Douro, this documentary is a wonderful journey.