At Iniziomedia, we count with the competence and dedication of a multi disciplined team which includes screenwriters, journalists, directors, producers, directors of photography, digital artists in 2D and 3D, graphic designers, editors, sound engineers, sound and image operators, and many others.


Our work is developed in modern facilities, equipped with the best and most advanced technology available, which grants us the necessary tools, in technical and human resources, for the pre-production, production, and post-production of all kinds of audiovisual materials, allowing us to provide a wide range of services to our clients.


We create contents, budgets and storyboards and define audiovisual projects from scratch, anticipating errors and developing solutions.

Between services provided by Iniziomedia at the pre-production level we stand out:

  • Budgeting;
  • Search for sets (repérage);
  • Casting;
  • Hiring and organization of production teams;


We produce the most varied formats always with one single goal: the development of a final product with an undoubtable quality.

We are ready to ensure a broad range if services at the production level, such as:

  • Selection and rental of sets;
  • Building of sets;
  • Manufacturer and rental of props and costumes;
  • Video and audio capture.


We are proud to work with dedication the post-production of our projects, making available the knowledge of talented professionals and the most sophisticated softwares of editing, motion graphics and 3D.

When it comes to video post-production we assure:

  • Video Editing (corporate and institutional movies, documentaries, self-promotion movies, fiction, entertainment, and many other formats);
  • 3D (3D for image and movie, 3D for environment and architecture, simulations and effects, crowd, visualisation and graphic animation);

Composing (Image and video compositing, green screening, camera tracking, motion graphics and color grading);

In terms of audio post-production, we guarantee:

  • Locution recordings;
  • Dubbing;
  • Somnoplasty and sound design;
  • Making of original soundtrack;

Making of corporate sound images.