Pulsação Zero 


[Zero Pulsation]

Lights, camera, action! In 2002, Iniziomedia produced, for SIC, “Zero Pulsation”, a national television movie with an hour and a half of chasings, shots and explosions that tell the story of Alex, a young boy whose death was thought eminent and ends up throwing himself on an extraordinary race against time to save his own life.


Ministério do Tempo


[Ministry of Time]

Extremely ambitious project with a luxury cast, “Ministry of Time” mixes science fiction with the Indiana Jones kind of adventure. The series is starred by a trio of heroes who travel through time to protect Portugal’s History.Starring Mariana Monteiro, Joana Craveiro and Sisley Dias in the main cast.


Milionários à Força


[Forced Millionaires]

The adventures of Cordeiro’s family strats when Vitor, TIna and Americo are forced to live in the same house. Vitor Cordeiro, a nouveau riche that suddenly find himself in misery, moves to the house of a great aunt with his wife, Tina. What they didn’t expect was that on that same day, fresh out of jail, comes cousin Americo. In an old house without great living conditions, they have to rearrange their lives, which brings many conflicts and many laughs.


Cuidado com as Aparências

[Careful with the Appearances]

In this sitcom developed by Iniziomedia, the humor goes way beyond the appearances. “Careful with the Appearances” tells the story of Jacinta Bimbô, whose life is about planning initiatives that make her the focus of portuguese social life for her neighbours and her brother’s, Artur, desperation.


Clube dos Campeões

[Champions Club]

Champions Club was the 26 episodes series that pulled a lot of laughter out of portuguese homes. This comedy series told the troubled day-to-day life of a football club that only new one result, defeat.




The sitcom “Singles” starred by Maria João Abreu, Ana Bustorff, Nuno Melo and Vitor Norte told the adventures and misadventures of this peculiar group that searched - at all cost - to leave the condition of being single. The shyest single (Nuno Melo) was taken in the tricks of the fierce playboy (Vitor Norte) to find “the one”.


Sai da Minha Vida

[Get out of my Life]

The comedy series “Get out of my life”, produced by Iniziomedia, won the public with Mario’s (Miguel Guilherme) romantic ways of trying to get his ex-wife (Rita Blanco) back in to his life.