What are the Thirteen best dishes of our national gastronomy? And who are the Thirteen most influential portuguese people? All these questions and more was what the weekly talk-show “Thirteen”, hosted by Silvia Alberto wanted to answer with a lot of debate (and humour!) in the mix.


Os Grandes Portugueses

[The Great Portuguese]

In 2006, the portuguese people were challenged to think of the country’s 900 years of history and to choose the compatriots that definitely paved the way of one of the world’s oldest nations. It’s with great pride that Iniziomedia can say that “The Great Portuguese” really made history.


Caça ao Tesouro

[Treasure Hunt]

The show “Treasure Hunt” had only one season, but, thanks to the innovative character and adventurous spirit of Catarina Furtado, is noteworthy of the first years of SIC’s existence. Guided by the contestants, the host would move across country in an helicopter, looking for a treasure, the final prize. Along the way, she had to face the most extreme challenges and got to introduce many of Portugal’s landmarks.


Chuva de Estrelas

[Stars Rain]

Entertainment, musical talent and a top production to which Iniziomedia was in charge, made the first “Star Rain” one of the biggest hits in portuguese TV and one of the most cherished shows by the portuguese people. Hosted by Catarina Furtado, “Star Rain” was determining to SIC’s rise and to the stardom of many promising artists in the portuguese music scene.  


O Pior Condutor de Sempre

[The Worst Driver Ever]

A mix between a comedy and a reality show, “The Worst Driver Ever” hosted by Bruno Nogueira, got together Portugal’s 13 worst drivers (that somehow got a license in the first place) to try to train them, with some laughs along the way, and to make sure that on they’re way back on the roads would be less dangerous to other drivers - and themselves, of course!


Passo a Palavra

[Spread the Word]

“Spread the Word” brought the feeling of grandmas, the knowledge of parents and the irreverence of kids to a unique game show hosted by Nicolau Breyner. The RTP show. produced by Iniziomedia, tested the contestants through a series of fun challenges to the whole family.


O Elo Mais Fraco

[The Weakest Link]

The premiere of the portuguese adaptation, made by Iniziomedia for RTP, of the british game show “The Weakest Link” marked the portuguese TV in the 00’s decade. It was in 2002 that Júlia Pinheiro made famous the phrase that no contestant wanted to hear: “You’re the weakest link. Goodbye!”


Ri-te, Ri-te

[Laugh, Laugh]

Jokes, musical performances, and even a funny news cast. These were the main ingredients of “Laugh, Laugh”, hosted by João Melo and Sonia Brazão premiered on TVI in 1999. The show brought joy to the portuguese audience and introduced many humorists that are now familiar faces to the portuguese people, as is the example of Fernando Rocha.


Pátio da Fama

[Fame’s Pateo]

At the Fame’s Pateo arrived contestants who interpreted scenes made famous, in cinema or theatre, nacional or foreign. The show hosted by Diogo Infante with Carmen Dolores as the main judge, and two other elements that would vary, both connected to the theatre and cinema world.


Adeptos Como Nós

[Supporters like Us]

Who are the 6 millions who make stadiums full, follow the team, feel and live for Benfica? In “Fans like Us” we get to know the anonymous faces that, on day-to-day basis argue, celebrate, suffer for our team! Be it in cafes, restaurants or “tascas”, the benfica’s familiarity is the motto for this show. “Fans like Us” listens to the memories of the past, but also wants to know the opinions that build the present and the future.


Gala Benfica TV

[Benfica TV Gala]

To commemorate the 108th anniversary of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, we made a memorable show broadcast by Benfica TV being the host an honorable “benfiquista”, Ricardo Araújo Pereira, with renowned guests like the fado singer Camané, and even the presence of the team president, Luís Filipe Vieira.


Gala da Lusofonia

[Lusophony Gala]

With Catarina Furtado as host and the production of Iniziomedia, the Lusophony Gala remains in the memory of the RTP audience as a multicultural show that honoured the roots of the Portuguese Language and the countries that give it their voice.


Gala Record

[Record Gala]

In occasion of the 50 year celebration of the Record newspaper, Iniziomedia produced a live gala, hosted by Catarina Furtado and Nuno Santos, to honor sports journalism, those who make it possible, and their dedication to the readers.


Uma Boa Aposta

[A Good Bet]

Hosted by the cheerful Romero brothers, Merche and Oscar, the contest “A Good Bet” brought new and exciting games to RTP screens, allowing the contestants to win more than 50.000 euros in prizes. Weekly, the show gave viewers 90 explosive minutes, filled with comedy, music, fun, color and, of course… money!


Estrelas SLB

[SLB Stars]

Pablo Aimar in an argentinian barbecue with Javier Saviola, Óscar Cardozo suffering with the portuguese winter or Nuno Gomes scoring goals at foosball . In this series produced by Iniziomedia for BTV we show, as you’ve never seen, Benfica’s heroes, from the main sport to the modalities.