Vitórias e Património

[Victories and Patrimony]

A documentary program about Sport Lisboa e Benfica story, accurate, rigorous and a careful post-production destined to the great audience in the commercial circuit. “Victories and Patrimony” is crafted to enhance the transmission and achieve the respect of the most demanding viewers. For, but not only “benfiquistas” , this documentary is able to connect the history of Portugal with the one of Sport Lisboa e Benfica.


Fernando Pessoa

A documentary about the life and work of Fernando Pessoa, hosted by Clara Alves Ferreira.


O Mundo Aqui

[The World Here]

With the magazine “The World Here” we brought immigrants from all over the world to the small screen and were able to show how varied foreign communities live in Portugal.


Sociedade Portuguesa

[Portuguese Society]

In the documental series “Portuguese Society” we reflected upon the pivotal aspects of what Portugal is made out of. From the 737 kilometers of stories found along the National Road 2 to the trips across portuguese villages, stopping at the Archeologie Museum, where we followed the radiological study of three human mummies. A series that changed the perspective on how we look to our country.




In “Champions”, we followed the preparation of six portuguese athletes for the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008 , where Nelson Évora would win gold in triple jump, and Vanessa Fernandes the silver medal for the demanding triathlon. Naide Gomes (athletics), Joaquim Vieira (fencing), Telma Monteiro (judo) and João Rodrigues (sailing) complete the lot of portuguese champions on their way to Beijing.


Quatro Décadas - Retratos de Uma Televisão

[Four Decades - Portraits of a Television]

More than a mere witness of Portugal’s history on the second half of the 20th century, RTP was also leading figure and a privileged tool in the recording of the events that helped shape the country and the world. On this documental series of 8 episodes we told the life of RTP through a vastness of small stories, semi-public or semi-secret, some hidden, some forgotten, that build, in a whole, a fascinating story about the history of portuguese television and its significance for the country's identity and its connection to the rest of the world.