Uma Noite Inesquecível

[An Unforgettable Night]

Three longtime friends get together on the date of what is remembered as “An Unforgettable Night”. In the television movie produced by Iniziomedia, written and directed by Artur Ribeiro, the life of the three friend changes when they decide to head to a disco in Spain and António suffers a heart attack. What happened to António? That’s the question that haunts the friends and family when only two friends get back from Spain.


A Drogaria

[The Drugstore]

The Drugstore is a short film which reflects about change. On an old, messy, neighbourhood store where there’s little to no space to new objects, works Mr. Antonio. Everything changes when the owner’s son takes over the business. Mr. Antonio feels lost in the shop where he worked most of his life, because it’s not the same anymore.